Customized and Retrofit Solution as per Available Space

Thyristor Rectifier Bridge

"AXPERT Opti-Power" Three phase full wave controlled bridge rectifier is a modern Digital Signal Processor based highly functional Bridge rectifier that is easy to use. Six thyristors are used in for full wave controlled rectifier. The control board uses 32-bit High-Performance Digital Signal Processor and generates the necessary gate pulses for bridge rectifier operation. It accepts various inputs from different controller and Digital Operation Panel (LCD Keypad Module Optional) to generate the necessary control and gate signals. The unit is equipped with Digital Operation Panel (LCD Keypad Module Optional) for the user interface.

    Output Current Range: 10 to 10,000 Amp.

    Features :-

  • Three Control Modes: Keypad(Optional), Terminal and Serial
  • Self diagnostics facility
  • Built-in PID
  • Parameter monitoring on single screen (Optional)
  • Easy parameter navigation through well defined MODE, NORM, GROUP, UP and DOWN Keys (Optional)
  • 3-Status indicating LEDs for RUN, STOP and FAULT condition
  • RS-485 Modbus communication as standard
  • 8 Programmable Digital Inputs with selectable SINK & SOURCE logic
  • 4 Programmable Digital outputs (Open Collector Type)
  • 3 Programmable Digital outputs (Potential Free Contact)
  • 4 Programmable Analog Inputs (two 0-10V and two 4-20mA)
  • 4 Programmable Analog Outputs (two 0-10V and two 4-20mA)

Protection :-

  • Over Temperature Alarm
  • Over Temperature Trip
  • Over Current Protection

Applications :-

  • Static Excitation System
  • Traction
  • Rectifier